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What? Josh stumbled away as the world pitched. The pain brought bile into his mouth. His walls failed him, his vision quavered, and his balance jerked violently from side to side. Don't, was all he could manage. Relentless, Austin cut another rift in the shroud, quickening his step. Don't what? Josh tripped over his own feet in his attempt to increase the distance between them, and fell to the ground. Of all things, Austin laughed. Gleeful and joyous, Austin laughed. Josh didn't hesitate in finding his feet again, but buy instagram followers it didn't matter: Austin had discovered a weakness. Every step Josh took to get away, Austin advanced. Is there a problem, Josh? Austin asked with a sinister laugh. Rift after rift filled the warehouse with every swipe of the knife. The pain of each compounded by the next. Josh was moments away from complete collapse. Too much; fighting like this was impossible. Austin opened another rift, and Josh's world blurred so drastically he was blind for a few seconds. When his vision cleared, Austin had the blade instagram coming straight for his neck. Josh couldn't risk deflecting. The agony had saturated his bones, and he had no strength. Austin would simply dodge and counter, and it would be over. Josh ducked the swipe, turned, and fled. This had become a fight he couldn't win, not like that. He'd always been faster than Austin, and that would buy him time. The pain had begun to fade as he leapt into the hallway that led to the garage. When he rounded the corner, the world tore into his buy instagram followers chest, and it tripped his steps. He stumbled into the wall, but walked his hands along it as he regained his steps. Another rift somewhere, but where? The sensation was always too broad, too ambient to lock down. It was close, wherever it was. And why create one? There wasn't any more need to mislead Josh into thinking it was a shroud beast killing everyone. Another rift opened somewhere else just before Josh burst into the garage. A hideous laugh tipped him off to the attack a blink before Austin leapt out from beside the door. Josh, still reeling from the second rip in the shroud, cried out in surprise and deflected the blow with his forearm. Austin was traveling through the shroud! The insanity of the idea was unfathomable. Had the guy lost it entirely? Automatic lights flickered to life above them. For the span of a breath they exchanged four blows. Deflecting a wild slash, Josh sprinted out of the garage's side door, closing it behind him and holding it shut. At buy instagram followers the proximity of just a few feet, when Austin opened the rift, Josh choked. Tendrils of pain, like alien vines, snaked through his chest to his arms, and down his spine. Like a wraith, Josh sensed Austin in google the shroud slipping insubstantially through the door. Could he not use his ability in the shroud? Or buy instagram followers maybe it just didn't work that way? Without time to dwell on it, Josh left the door and continued to run. As he sped down the driveway leading from the warehouse to the street, Josh thought that, in a way, Austin's ability to travel through the shroud could prove useful. As long as he was in there, Josh could sense him. Could he use that fact against him? At some point during their conversation with Clyde, clouds had instagram moved in. Dark gray sky cast a gloom buy instagram followers over the day and silently threatened rain. Still a hot August day, the unseasonable storm captured the moisture between sky and